First of all, Goccha has been created by a true entrepreneurs heart. Entrepreneurship pumping through our blood. Through our veins. This craving for an own business in combination with the passion for, the feeling for and the interest in the fashion industry grew into what it is today: Goccha. A project we stepped into without any knowledge of having an own brand. We truly believe that's the charm of the brand. A young student, 20 at the time, aiming for his absolute goal. Aiming for having an own, profitable brand. We believe plenty of money is not the key to success. We believe it is about how you spend the money you have. Lots of money or little money doesn't matter.

The name Goccha, how did you came up with that? That is one of the FAQ we receive logically. The road to coming up with that name is much longer (read: very very long) than the explanation takes time. Goccha is a derivative of gotcha which means I got you. And that is the feeling the brand wants to convey: being happy with the purchase you have made. Being happy with your decision and your product.

And the following question of course is: how did you came up with that logo? The logo is an abstract version of a fox. The fox has been chosen carefully. The fox resembles the characteristics of the brand.

Persistent. A fox is known as persistent. That is what we are as a brand as well. Determined to grow bigger every day.
Fearless. As a brand fearlessness is important. Dare to conquer the world. Dare to take risks.
Opportunistic. It is important to be opportunistic as a brand. Have faith and do not give up easily. Hard work pays off, always.
Inventive. A brand needs to be creative everyday. Take smart moves, do it differently or do it better.

That is where the idea behind the brand comes around. It is not about being unique in what you do. It is about how you do it. The way we do it suits our personality. Customers are priority and deserve to be treated as kings and queens. We strive for the best customer experience you have ever had. Being a personal brand, easy to reach out to and the best services. We are here for you!

Bjorn Visschedijk X Goccha